Hey! Silicon Valley, Pipe it Down Already Will Ya? We’re working over here!

Thanks to our noisy friends in “The Valley,” we here in “The Alley,” need to crank it up a few decibels in the blogosphere. This is one of my contributions.

Requirements for this list: must have started this business after the dot-com-kaboom in 2001 and not been bought by Google, Yahoo!, MS (or any other Internet behemoth).

tumblr – Rapid-blogging

Etsy – Artsy Ecommerce, Web 2.0 Style.

Oddcast – Talking Avatars

Instant Information – Information Management

AdaptiveBlue – Browsing enhancement for Firefox browsers.

Joost – Real TV with the Internet’s social spin.

Paltalk – Serious Video Instant Messaging

Clickable – Online Advertising management

Tacoda – Targeted Marketing

CooperBricolage – Co-Creative, Collaborating, Shared Workspace with Killer Cuban Cuisine.

Angelsoft, LLC – CRM for Angel Investors

Rosenfeld Media – Agile Book Publishing head up by Information Architecture Expert, Lou Rosenfield

KickApps – Social Apps made easy.

Silicon Alley Insider – Reporting on all the Action

blip.tv – Helps to the budding videoblogger, podcaster, or Internet TV producer.

Vimeo – Video Sharing, for tight-knit groups OR the public at large.

CenterNetworks – News and information for Web 2.0ish entrepreneurs and start-ups.

The Hatchery – Bringing the spirit of innovation through collaboration to NYC.

swatchbox – Design tools to help contractors, interior decorators, retail stores, and homeowners build their projects. (spotlight project: DesignMyRoom.com)

Got somebody you want to ad? Go for it, contact me with a description.

On this list and want more info here? Send it in.

I goofed something up? Not the first time. Just let me know, and I’ll look into it.

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