Being a faithful servant, you can’t let technology get in the way. For church activities, until recently, Internet technology has had a bit of a barrier-to-entry. From part financial and part technological complexities, ministries have run into challenges trying to operate with multiple servants in remote locations. Some systems can have too many bells and whistles that do nothing more than make a lot of noise and get in the way. Ministries need simplicity while keeping costs low. Art of Mission has developed an elegant and simple solution to keep ministries fresh and alive: CrossConnector. If you’re looking to for a Web-based application to run a ministry, I encourage you to look into it.

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  • Ryan Heneise says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thank you so much for your kind words about CrossConnector! It’s been really exciting to see our dreams realized in CrossConnector, and I’m honored to have some really interesting people using it. Stay tuned for some updates and new features in the coming weeks.