Totally cool. Could hardly contain myself and like I really need another distraction as there are already 5 partly-written posts in my queue, but this warrants a quick mention.

So, a few days ago I was excited to sync up the iPod and see the Web 2.0 Show podcast featuring an interview with Web superstar, Jeffery Veen. If you’re not familar with this guy, he’s responsible ?Ôø?Ôø? in a very large part ?Ôø?Ôø? for the way in which many of us design for the Web today. Founding partner at Adaptive Path, Veen pioneered many concepts behind creating the user experience as being both an art and sceince and how best practices benefit a company’s bottom line; integrating design, technology, and economic sense. Additionally, he’s also a long-time proponent to Web standards and sat on the W3C CSS Editorial Review Board. Most recently, he went to Google when they bought the Measure Map project. He’s an okay guy.

That was pretty neat. Almost as neat when Natalie Jost (rhymes with ghost), a self-proclaimed lowly sinner, mentioned before the Veen interview. Nat’s a talented Christian Web designer who recently created a little ditty for designers to understand what Web standards do for code. She’s also published a nifty article for coming up with color schemes.

If you haven’t heard the Web 2.0 Show, it’s a mellow podcast with Josh Owens and Chris Saylor discussing issues on the “new Web.” I’d imagine the show must be gaining some steam with such high-profile cats as Dan Cederholm, Veen, ?Ôø?elik, et al. It’s a good listen. (In case either one of you pick this up on an ego-stroking run to Technorati, thanks for the link to Godbit! ;-)

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  • Natalie says:

    Hey, I just noticed you in my Mint stats. Thanks for mentioning me too! I enjoy doing what I do and it’s so cool to see people getting something out of it.

  • Chris Pallé says:

    Thanks for all your efforts, Natalie. You’re site has been a blessing to me and many more. Looking forward to updates.

  • Josh Owens says:


    It took me longer than normal, but here I am. Thanks for listening Chris! We love seeing cool projects and websites, and godbit is one of them. I am glad Natalie came on and mentioned it.

    Oh, and it is Chris “Saylor” :) but he hasn’t seen it yet :P

  • Chris Pallé says:

    Hey there, Josh –
    No worries. There are probably a few more hits coming in from other sites. I just started really uncovering the fa?ßade of WP and making stuff with it a few months back.

    Thanks for stopping by, though. I’m really diggin’ your show. Look forward to the next.

    oh, BTW, thanks for the name check!