Podvine: Podcast Ad Network for Web 2.0 CreatorsThe Web 2.0 guys have made and an official release announcing their podcast ad network project: Podvine
Podvine is a network of several very popular podcasts geared to the worker-bees who are making this whole second-cycle of wacky Webness come round. Presently, it consists of Boagworld, and the Ruby On Rails Podcast. All three are excellent sources for current issues and trends of our industry. Go check them out!

Since the concept was made popular last year, Podcasting as a medium has grown in leaps and bounds. With as many as 3 million regular ‘cast digesters (according to eMarketer via MediaWeek), marketers are hearing the opportunities to reach new listeners loud and clear. Podvertising, as it’s been coined, may be as much as a $300 million dollar biz by the end of the decade (also according to eMarketer).

In addition to Lifetime Hosting, SteelPixel has now made a significant step to producing a revenue stream. With their ~5000 listenership of designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and VC folks, there certainly some potential for them.

<horntoot> BTW, that new blogger mentioned on the Web 2.0 Show site: yours truly :-P</horntoot>

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  • humanchild says:

    Sorry if this is an innapropriate post but I saw no other way to say hello. So hello, I hope things are well. You really need a “contact me” link on this site.
    ~ J.W.

  • Chris Pallé says:

    Hey there, Jess- Thanks for the note. You’re right…. there needs to be a contact form somewhere. hmm… Thing is, I plan on creating an entirely new overhauled look to this theme. So, I’m sure I’ll have something then.