The Future of Work is decentralized. We’ve realized that our Industrial Age past does not serve our Information Age present; we no longer need to rely on centralized powers for our survival. As we move to an augmented future, one in which machines serve us more and Data is the raw material on which our economy revolves, we discover that our fullest potential as humans relies on our interdependence with each other – we are interconnected by technology, but we must remember our roots. Our future industry is built by a Collective Machine of human potential and digital technology and maintaining our humanity is how we will thrive in our distributed future.

We can consider ourselves individuals and continue to rely on the powers-that-be only because we realize it is us – we are those powers. Each of us a sole node in the network of life, our individuality is our strength and we find that the value we bring to the table is the fact that we know how to run this machine of which we are a part.

We must remain vigilant. The machine is man-made and will consume us if we let it. While science gives us the ability to make data-driven decisions, our hearts and guts need to be in shape if we’re going to remain clear-headed in our intuition for how to make best use of that data. This is what makes us uniquely human and separate from the machine.
So, now more than ever, we need to keep ourselves as human as possible and understand how to optimize our lives while the universe becomes more subdued by our technology.

I am writing a series of topics that help us maintain our humanity and harness the power of the machine without it assimilating us.

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