In this past few weeks, I’ve realized just how possible it is to reach out on a global scale right from your computer. It started with a post that stemmed from thoughts about Christians having a tendency to be judgmental of folks when they don’t really have the right to do so. Some discussion took off by surprise and so, I looked around for help.

First, I prayed, and then went out to get some help from friends. In the quest, made a new friend with a ministry called to help others do just this: MinistryCamp. So many people are online these days just starving, hungry for information and digesting (too much in many cases). And so there are lots of opportunities to encourage folks all over the world by way of a blog. Many have been doing it for years, but what you may not realize just how easy it is. If you’re interested, you can set up a blog and have an online ministry running in minutes. Blogger, are just a couple. Just google for blog services and you can find plenty of freebies to get you started. Also, getting a page on a social networking site such as Facebook or Virb is in a lot of ways better for the uninitiated because you can get plugged right into groups to help you feed into the blogosphere.

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  • I ditto the encouraging factor. but how do we separate content/metadata and life in terms of security. that is how do I as a blogger keep my info accessible, and yet unharvested, that is controlled. sometimes people in my career have sensitive kinds of info like place, times, and contacts, yet we have a ministry to people on the other side of the world as well. Just by posting something this says something in terms of metadata and IP trails. I guess I am looking for a balance and some guidance on practical things I can do.

  • Hey there, Hugh! Sorry, it took me a bit to figure out who you were. I totally remembered you from the Apple store after I saw your URL. Thanks for stopping by. Man, that was a long time ago.

    There are lots of opportunities to share your faith online. I think the challenge is to not let our inhibitions go as is typical in this screen-in-between world. There are temptations all over the place, but equally though, are people who need guidance and leadership. There are forums, instant messaging, blogs, social networking sites, etc. where folks are missing the Love of God who can always use a little direction.

    I have to admit, though. It’s tough to keep on it all the time. Be sure to check out that Ministry Camp site from above.

  • Heh, wow. Just realized that I basically repeated myself from the original post. How rude!
    Sorry. The fact is, there are places out here. Another place Focus on the Family has a forum that’s very helpful.

    Also, I was compiling a list which I’ll post here in a bit.