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I know this is the original post and most would perhaps delete it, but you know, after playing and working with computers since I was five, there’s something…. nostalgic about it. If you’ve ever learned BASIC, there is no doubt you know, “Hello World.”
I have been designing and developing on the Internet since about 1996. I’m not usually one for “jumping on the bandwagon,” but I figured I’d better get goin’ in this Web 2.0-jobby to keep up. Actually, I began toying with blogs about 4 years ago. Knew it was cool, just wasn’t easy enough for me to keep it up. I’ve never really been good at consistently maintaining a journal.

Blogging, I know, is a heck of a lot more than “keeping a journal.” Journalling is perhaps the main aspect to blogging, but these tools do more than just post your life on the Web (which, I’ll probably not likely do. Who’d be interested that sort of dribble…) anyway, I do like to share information, encourage people, learn new things, socialize…. and that’s why I’m really getting here. Web 2.0 has a premise in a social factor… and there’s just something cool about the Web going a from a place we find nifty techy doo-dad things to a “social media” as the term is now being coined.
So, here I am now. I’m sure the concepts behind this whole idea of social gathering on Web 2.0 has evolved considerably over the years and any information someone could provide would be a great help and appreciated… Maybe I’ll just start playing and see what I can find…

Bid me well as I venture out. And if you think you’d like to join me, guide me, point me off into some new terrain, drop a line.