Ack. Fffft. {brushing off WordPress interface… dust billows through the air}

Wow. How’s that for a slight hiatus. 9 mos or something?? Not that very many were following along with the whereabouts and whathappenings of me, but I’m looking to get this domain back inline. After doing some research recently and some soul searching (plus busting my tail off doing the NYC commute everyday now!), it’s apparent to me this blog was suffering from a lack direction; a lack of focus. So, I’m going to see just what I can do about that.

For sometime now, I’ve been shifting my career focus from authoring HTML/CSS and designing Web sites to focus more on the experience strategy of Web site design. Focusing more on defining the usability. Some call it [tag]Information Architecture[/tag]. Others will call it [tag]User Experience Design[/tag] or [tag]Interaction Design[/tag]. If reading any of the recent job postings is any indicator, it seems there a lot of folks there confused as to what exactly are the differences. Admittedly there is some overlap, but there are some distinct differences. That said, I’m going to continue labeling all my collections of resources IA/UxD/IxD. It’s cryptic, no doubt, but it makes sense for now.

It’s actually an exciting time to be in this field. Lots of fun stuff and the community is really abuzz. In fact, I’m heading my way up to Bryant Park right now for an IA Meetup.

In case you’re looking for some follow up reading, here are some good resources:

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