So, I haven’t posted in some time and thought it would be good to note that I’m still alive. I’ve been in Florida all week. It’s nice here…considering it was snowing last week in New Jersey. In Orlando, rather Kissimmee which is just outside of Orlando, is nice and warm, just like they say… imagine that!
There’s much to write about. I’ve been able to catch up on reading, so there are some book reviews coming up. Also, here is a really great site: NO!SPEC. It’s funny, I was just reading about the idea in Jeff Fisher’s, Savvy Designer’s Guide and then stumbled on the site from another angle. There are some thoughts I’d like to throw in on this concept and how it translates into Web design as well, but will get to it when the Internet connection is better. Check it out. Think about it. Don’t let it happen to your business. Act on it.
That’s it for now… just wanted to take as advantage of the 11 bucks I spent on a days worth of Internet.