Perusing around today, I was reminded of this interesting little company that is in the business of making some true innovations with wireless Internet technologies. They’re not exactly a new company, but they are making some news with their platform.

They’re providing product manufacturer’s with the collection of hardware and software tools that empowers them to create what they consider “ambient devices.”

According to their site:

Ambient devices elegantly embed digital information into the objects and environments that surround us…. Creating no-cognitive load products with Ambient means users are not overwhelmed with data, and can enjoy Ambient in many facets of their life.

And that really is at the heart to what crafting an awesome {human} experience comes down. We should be giving just enough to enhance, but staying out of the way enough to go virtually unnoticed.

A ways back, there was an interview with Tim Berners Lee discussing the future of the Web. Just about that time, I was thinking of topics for articles that would be cool to write. The prospective title was something of the effect of “The milk is low and my eggs have gone bad! Where’s my Internet-Connected Refrigerator?” Well, it looks like this where it is:

Ambient Devices

For some extra geekery, check out “The Ambient Platform

Original link found at Signal vs. Noise.

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