Hey there, All-
If you’ve ever noticed, the title of this blog was “Something that Will Probably Change Someday.” It got that name because when first setting up the site, I went through about 5 installations of WordPress and wasn’t feeling particularly creative by the time I finally got it. So, I just plopped that in there.

Well, I didn’t realize that it would impact other services… it’s that whole Law of Unintended Consequences thing.

So, I’ve updated the name, well, kinda. The name of my site has always been, Forever in the Refining Fire, but now I’m going through and making it more consistent and updating all the services that relied on the title. Namely, FeedBurner. So, hate to bother, but you’ll need to update your feed readers. I know, I’m a pain. New Feed

Moral to this episode: Don’t get lazy. Always be creative. Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today. Have foresight, not 20/20 hindsight. Be perfect; don’t ever make a mistake.

Okay, don’t worry about that last one.

Thank you,
The management.