Virb° is in private beta for it’s next incarnation. I’m interested. Wish there were more time in my schedule to help, though. The sign-up page plainly states they’re looking for quality folks to help out. That’s one of things I like about Virb°: the focus on quality; not quantity.

Virb° is a cool social network. It’s strengths are cleanliness and quality. I love my Facebook friends, and the twitterati, et al. but let’s face it, some of the pages, (to no fault of ours) are ugly. Most social sites’ base designs are cluttered and overwhelming (which is one reason why most twittering folks prefer standalone apps. that and why hit the Web when you can have a small foot print from snitter, twitteriffic, or thwirl). Not with virb°.

Anyway, if you have the time and the gumption to not let them pack it with superfluous garbage. You can lend a hand at: