AideRSS is a nifty RSS service that ranks posts (PostRank™) based on several factors including, but not limited to, comments, bookmarks, diggs, and gReader shares. They have IMO, done a nice job implementing a log-in interface for OpenID.

(update: Melanie from AideRSS had indicated this is an solution provided by ID Selector.)

AideRSS’ Initial OpenID Log-in Region

aideRSS-OpenID Login

Clicking the OpenID button reveals a layer with a selection of various OpenID access methods:
Login & New user sign-up - AideRSS-2-1.png

When you click on your OpenID Provider, a “username” field appears. Where you just enter your user name, hit return, and proceed through normal process.

Interestingly, Facebook is missing… Maybe that will come later.

What is OpenID?

From, “OpenID eliminates the need for multiple usernames across different websites, simplifying your online experience.”

Yahoo!’s Allen Tom gives a well-balanced view and explanation:

Have you seen cool OpenID implementations in the wild? What are your thoughts on OpenID?


  1. Yahoo! Developers Network for OpenID
  3. AideRSS

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  • Hi Chris — Thanks for the write-up! We've tried to make our login options as intuitive as possible, since, while much of our community so far is pretty techie, it won't always be so. The devs used for putting the OpenID portion together, I believe.

    With our new site to be released shortly, we're working on making logging in (and everything else) even smoother!

  • chrispalle says:

    Hey Melanie-
    NP. Thanks for sharing the source. There are several issues with OpenID's usability and idselector helps to a degree. I'll update the post.