Always cool when you’re clipping along on something and by complete mistake you discover a great trick. I’m pretty sure most OSes have a simple text editor. Mac OS X’s is called TextEdit. Frankly, I use it for just about every lightweight text-editing because it is so versatile. Last night on my commute home, I was pondering and prioritizing life as I usually do about this time of year â?? something ’bout the upcoming spring me thinks. Well, we hit a bump in the road and my finger nailed ESC and POOF! up comes an autocomplete dialog. Thought that was some pretty awesome usability.

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!Pressing ESC in TextEdit reveals an auto-complete

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  • Wow… that is super simple and super useful… one of those little tips you somehow never hear about but after a bit of use, don’t know how you lived without it.

  • chrispy says:

    Yeah, I love little surprises like this. LIke the search field under “Help” in some of Apple’s native apps. So elegant!

  • Dan says:

    Sweet! I use TextEdit all the time so this will come in handy on those hard to remember words.